Corporate program 

It is important to keep your employees fit and healthy. Creating a healthy work environment is the key to happy and productive employees. Pure Kinetics offers your organization a practical approach to improving health and vitality at work. We develop programs tailored to the needs of your business.

Healthy workplace

We identify physical working conditions, such as seating arrangements, work station placement and organization, water supply, etc., that could have a negative influence on your employees or their work.

Training and education

We not only focus our efforts on transferring knowledge, but also on building awareness, changing behavior and creating a sense of personal responsibility. Employees learn to use their bodies in a healthy and effective way, and to deal properly with their workloads, their own emotions and those of others.

Going back to work

We provide practical insight to workers who have been away from work on sick leave, helping them understand their illness and the related restrictions on their work. We relieve fixations on chronic pain, stress, fatigue or exhaustion, and help people get moving again. In doing so, we especially strengthen self-direction and self-management.

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