Pregnant & Fit

Do you want to feel fit and energetic throughout your pregnancy? 
This program is specifically designed for pregnant women. Under the guidance of a professional trainer you will safely improve your strength and your fitness level, to be fully prepared to give birth. You will work out outside in the beautiful Turia Park in a group of mothers-to-be.

Buggy Workout

This workout is specifically created for women after giving birth. From six weeks after the delivery (8 weeks after a caesarean, consult your doctor) you can start with us. 
Under the guidance of a professional trainer you will safely work on your recovery, regaining energy and strength. It is a perfect program for mothers to get back into shape and work on their overall fitness. The sessions combine cardio circuits, resistance-based work and lots of exercises to help you regain your core strength.


BYOB Restore your core

Bring your own baby (indoor/outdoor)

Do you already want to work out? 

This workout is created for women from 4 weeks after giving birth who want professional guidance at restoring the core. You will safely start moving again, receive advice and work on specific pelvic floor and supportive abdominals. It´s a great preparation for the Buggy workout!

Personal training

Outdoor or at home - with baby

Do you prefer working out one-on-one?

Working with a personal trainer is the perfect way to tailor the workout to your needs. Working on restoring your balance, regaining energy en doing specific exercises in your surroundings (with baby).