About me


My name is Suzanne Kreulen and I am a Kinetics therapist and women´s fitness coach. I have my bachelors degree since 2012 and I have worked in posture and movement therapy, exercise therapy and injury recovery. I specialize in pregnancy and postpartum. My mission is to help other women become the best version of themselves!

To get in shape my workouts include cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. The personal training plans combine these three aspects and are tailored to your needs.

The idea is not to have to work out for hours every single day. I will support you in making a change of habits to allow yourself to integrate new healthy guidelines to your daily life. This way you will improve your quality of life and achieve long term results!

Ready to become the best version of yourself?

Write me at: infopurekinetics@gmail.com

Suzanne Kreulen

Women´s Fitness Coach
BHS Kinetics Therapist & Certified Personal Trainer