What is Kinetics Therapy?

Do your physical problems keep recurring? Do you feel like you’re chasing the pain?
With Kinetics therapy we treat the cause of the dysfunction, not only the symptoms. We aim at treating musculoskeletal problems caused by incorrect postures and movement patterns, whether the problems originate in specific disorders or medical conditions or simply have their roots in everyday life.

Kinetics therapy teaches us how to use our body in a more efficient and healthier way. Learning to be conscious and prevent long-standing harmful habits of movement, breathing and posture boosts all your capacities in whatever you do. You will discover how easy it is to release tension and a new sense of confidence will come to you.

Holistic approach

People move unconsciously and every individual develops their own posture and movement habits. Pain can influence these and cause us to move less efficiently. After a good analysis of your posture and movement patterns, we correct and optimize learned patterns through focused training. Through this holistic approach we help you learn and maintain healthy posture and movement patterns. You will be actively involved in the therapy, and learn how to control and influence your symptoms and how to negotiate possible limitations in daily life. You will become self-reliant and create bodily awareness. By moving consciously you will balance the body so you can heal and prevent injuries.

Who is Kinetics therapy for? 

Kinetics Therapy is for everyone, with or without complaints, who wants to move more freely and consciously. 

We treat:

  • Chronic pain, stiff or aching joints
  • Posture and movement disorders, such as neck, shoulder, back and hip problems
  • Work-related complaints, such as CANS (previously known as RSI)
  • Orthopedic diseases, such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, Scheuermann’s disease and scoliosis
  • Neurologic disorders, such as hernia, sciatica and radiating nerve pain, Parkinsons’s disease and MS
  • Rheumatic complaints, such as rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis  
  • Symptomatic stress complaints, such as tension headaches or burnout  
  • Respiratory problems, such as COPD and hyperventilation
  • Pelvic floor problems, such as urinary incontinence 
  • Pelvic complaints or instability due to pregnancy 
  • Rehabilitation following, for example, hip, knee or back surgery

On-place treatment

Experience and research has convinced us that treatments should take place outside the walls of a clinic or therapy center. The way we move and the way we feel are influenced by our surroundings. We cannot separate individuals, activities they do and the environments they do them in. Our treatments are carried out in the home or work situations where main problems are caused.


Our specializations and programs

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Postural problems teenagers

Teenagers’ bodies constantly change while they are growing. Posture and movement habits are established during these years.  

Read more about how we stimulate to improve and optimize these habits.

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Corporate program

Do you want healthier employees, decreased employee absenteeism and increased productivity? 

Read more on how we create a healthy workplace, improve performance and prevent injuries.

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Pre- and post-natal program

Has your pregnancy caused back pain, pelvic pain or urinary incontinence? Are you familiar with these pains? 

Read more about our group and individual treatments.